C. C. Wurld What About Us?
Cries of the Invisible People

What About Us?: Tales from an Angry Mass Transit Bus Operator

What About Us?: Tales from an Angry Mass Transit Bus Operator
by C. C. Wurld

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This is a memoir of a driver for the transit system authority of a major city. When it comes to mass transit, people of all age groups and from all walks of life can be cruel, combative, repulsive, and downright crazy. Whether passengers, bikers, or other drivers, these people sometimes are shamelessly disrespectful. Everyone is so busy operating at a fast pace, thinking only about themselves, that they lose themselves and forget how to be calm, kind, and decent. Let me be the first to say that the job of a mass transit operator is not hard but it is not "as sweet as pie" as so many people believe. Most of my workdays are downright unbelievable. Some of these unbelievable stories are funny; others are insanely coldblooded. And that is the reason mass transit operators need the best-quality protection the transit authority can provide. The author shares her experiences in stories filled with shock and laughter. Taken together, they reveal the life of a big city mass transit operator.